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Utility room makeover - part 2

In this blog we get to see the finished article. The end result is really neat, but there's also so much more storage space than before. How dit that happen?! Well, it's all about making the most of every nook and cranny, and we'll explore how we did that a little further...

The worktop now has a seamless run of cabinets underneath, with no wasted gaps, helped by the installation of a built-in freezer.

Everything else has been hidden behind a pair of doors. We thought that installing these would make the room look smaller, but in fact it looks larger, as there's nothing to clutter up the floor space!

Behind the doors, made-to-measure birch ply shelving makes use of the space above the washing machine. This was given a coat of furniture wax to protect it and bring out the grain. It's quick and easy to make, and very durable.

There's a boiler in the far corner, so pull-out wire baskets were installed, which can quickly be removed when it's time for the boiler service.

These baskets hold an amazing amount of stuff, and it's much easier to see what's in them than with conventional drawers. They are quick and easy to install too (so long as you make the space the right width!).

Lighting was added too. It's a 12-volt LED system, which uses practically no energy. It was also really easy to install - you just select the type of light and switch you want, and connect them to a transformer. It then just plugs in to a standard mains socket.

The cabinets also have a few nice features.

A boot cupboard has room for the essential wellies, and a pull-out drawer holds several pairs of shoes.

The top cabinet houses the electricity meters. They're pretty ugly, so it's well worth hiding them - and there's some useful shelf space if you're tall enough!

The cupboard below contains a full-width pull-out drawer, which stops you wondering which drawer you put the torch in!

It's a great home for all the small stuff, which always seemed to be lying around before.

Lastly, we even managed to make use of the space above the window. As I'm the tallest, I get to decide when it's wine o'clock!


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