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The benefits of made-to-measure

This looked like a straightforward job to fit two tall cupboards, until the intended contents were considered...

Firstly, it's pretty much impossible to buy an

off-the-shelf larder unit that will accommodate a washer and dryer - a standard 60mm wide unit is too narrow, and the shelves would never take the weight of a fully loaded dryer.

To allow space for the appliances, this unit came out at 655mm wide, and of course the doors needed to be specially made to fit! And a birch ply carcass with an extra-thick shelf easily took the weight (and looked great too)...

The space for the second unit was just too narrow for an off-the shelf cupboard, but more importantly, full width shelves would have left nowhere to store the mop and bucket - the one thing the customer really wanted to hide away!

So the inside shelving was made to fit all the things that needed to be stored. Birch ply was used again, because of course the inside needs to look good too!


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