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Utility room makeover - part 1

Quite a few customers have come to us for ideas of how to sort out their porch or utility room. It seems to be the one room that gets used and abused the most. Here's a short series following the makeover of ours. We'll see how long it'll stay tidy!

We had a list of requirements to work to - access for the boiler, matching cupboards, and somehow fit in a sink. A plan was drawn up, and we soon got to work stripping out the old cupboards.

The washing machine was relocated to make room for the sink, and a built-in freezer replaced the old one. Cabinets were made-to-measure from birch ply, which is extremely durable and has a nice wood finish. Two coats of clear lacquer were applied for protection.

Once the worktop and sink cut-out were in place, a frame was constructed towards the back of the room where the boiler and newly relocated washing machine could be hidden neatly away.

Panels and doors could then be fitted.

The finished look will be revealed in part 2, and there'll be ideas how to maximise storage in a small space.


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