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It's not just a room, it's the heart of the home, so show your living room some love with furniture that does it justice.


Furniture your way

This media unit is a great fit in this split-level space -  not surprising really, as it was made exactly to the customer's requirements. Practical, unique and stylish, it's a worthy addition to a beautiful living room.

Customer comment: We're really pleased with the furniture... possibly even better than envisaged!

Stand-out furniture...

...that doesn't stand out! The challenge here was to make the best use of this space, without intruding too much into the room. Off-the shelf cupboards and bookcases are just too deep for a narrow alcove like this, so everything has been designed to work well, and fit perfectly.

Customer comment: We love everything. It's going to be so good to be able to give all of our bits and pieces a proper home.

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