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Home Office

Turn any space into an office, and free up the rest

of the house for you to feel at home in!


Corner in the Coomb

There was just enough room for a desk in this corner of a spare room - the challenge was how to also make room for all the office essentials. Rather than viewing the corner as wasted space, shelving was designed to make the most of the awkward shaped wall, with a place for everything - from a lamp to a paper clip!

Guest room or office?

In this guest bedroom, it was important to keep the office area from looking too much like an office. Cupboard doors were added to the lower shelves to keep paperwork out of sight, and a pull-out keyboard tray slides out of the way when not in use, so when guests come, there's just a great bookcase on show to admire! 

spare room.jpg
office desk.jpg

Room for two?

This desk fitted into a new-build home is easily big enough for two people to share. So where do you find an eight-foot desk, and how do you get it to fit perfectly? Well, we make it that way, so no space is wasted!

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